How Long Does It Take a Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice

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While an average day may not require much ice, entertaining a crowd or a hot afternoon makes it seem like there’s never enough. How long does it take an Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice? On average, it can take 90 minutes to produce 8-10 cubes. Learn how ice is made, how much to expect and how to avoid common ice maker problems that limit production.

If you only use your ice maker for 2-3 drinks per day, you probably haven’t noticed how long it takes for your ice maker to make ice. It seems like there’s always ice in there, Newair Black Portable Ice Maker? But as your demand increases, you may be scratching your head wondering why your ice maker isn’t filling up as quickly as you expect. The good news is that if your ice maker isn’t making enough ice, the problem could be fixed with a few small tweaks.

Ice makers can be finicky. If you only visit the ice dispenser a couple of times per day, it may never have occurred to you to think much about the volume of ice production or if the ice maker is slow to make ice. But as demand for ice increases, you may begin to wonder, “How long should an ice maker take to make ice?”

Some Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice will produce 8 ice cubes in 90 minutes, while other models may take 3-4 hours to produce the same amount. An ice maker producing less than 50 ice cubes per day indicates a more complex issue that may require the assistance of a trained professional. However, in most cases, by following this guide you should be able to fix the issue yourself.

How Long Should An Ice Maker Take To Make Ice?

Typical Ice Maker Production

Your ice maker is one of the hardest working features of your refrigerator/freezer. The freezer compartment is cold enough to keep everything frozen, but remember, it doesn’t always start out that way.

It may seem that the ice maker is slow Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice, but to some degree, that’s normal. The water has to fill the tray, freeze, and dump in the holding tray, which all takes time.

This ice cycle time does vary a bit, as does the volume of ice produced, depending on the size of the tray the cubes are being dumped into. Generally speaking, about 130 ice cubes are being produced in a 24-hour period.

Typical Ice Maker Cycle Time

So how long should an ice maker take to make ice? Well, understanding the process to make it happen will help. The way the ice maker works is to complete what is called a cycle. The cycle goes through these steps to make ice:

  • Ice maker module fills tray with water
  • Water freezes
  • Ice maker dumps ice cubes into holding bin
  • Ice dispenser (if applicable) shoots ice into your glass

Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice

Simple, but nevertheless, a process. As much of a superhero as your ice maker is, it can’t complete a cycle instantaneously. A high quality refrigerator will complete an ice maker cycle time of about 90 minutes, producing anywhere from 8-10 ice cubes.

How Much Ice Can Be Expected?

If the average ice maker makes 8-10 cubes every 90 minutes, how much ice does a refrigerator ice maker produce in a day? Typically, it can take 24 hours to produce 3-7lbs of ice, which is roughly 130 cubes per day, filling 6-8 glasses.

Though this may be more than enough ice for some households, larger families, hot days or entertaining require more ice, faster. Whirlpool Ice Maker to Make Ice with dual ice makers provide a door dispenser to dispense a glass of ice and a bin to hold a larger amount.

Other refrigerators offer a “Quick Ice” feature that blows a fan over the ice tray to freeze ice faster. How long does it take an ice maker to make ice when this feature is activated? While it can increase production by almost 50%, the function only operates for up to 24 hours.

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