How To Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker

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New refrigerators sometimes come without the Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker. Sometimes this is a matter of economy, allowing dealers to sell the appliance at a discounted price. Later, though, you may realize that you’d very much like this accessory. Provided the refrigerator is configured to accept an ice maker, installing it yourself is a fairly easy process. You simply mount the accessory in the freezer compartment, then plug in the water and electrical connections. The same process can be used should you ever need to replace an ice maker that has failed.

You can only install an ice maker on an appliance that is configured to accept this accessory—including the mounting holes in the frigidaire efic117 SS not making ice, inlet ports for water lines, and harnesses for electrical connections. Consult your appliance brochure to learn if your refrigerator can be fitted with an ice maker.

When working as intended, automatic ice makers are convenient and save you time. But like all machines, sometimes they don’t function as they should. Before you can understand what’s wrong with you ice maker, you have to understand how an ice maker works. Keep reading to learn how an ice maker works and some of the reasons your ice maker isn’t working.

Has your Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker stopped working? A broken ice maker can be a major inconvenience. Luckily, most ice maker problems can be quickly and easily fixed with a reset. Don’t worry, it’s not broken! In most cases, a simple hard reset will get your ice maker working again in no time. Just follow the steps outlined below and you’ll have your ice maker working like new again in no time!

How Does An Euhomy Ice Maker Work?


Before automatic ice makers, ice had to be made manually by pouring water into a mold and placing it in the freezer. The ice maker installed in your freezer produces ice using that same process, but the process has been does an ice maker work

Once the Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker has been connected to a power and water source (aka the plumbing line connected to the back of your refrigerator), the ice maker cycle should begin automatically. At the beginning of the cycle, an electrical signal is sent to a water valve to fill the ice mold with water. Then, the freezer goes to work freezing the water. A signal is sent to halt that process when an internal thermostat indicates the cubes have reached 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit.

After the cubes have been created, a heating coil is activated to loosen them from the molds. The ice maker’s ejector blades are then used to push them out of the molds and are funneled into the collection tray. A shaft separates the tray from the dispenser at the front of the unit, which is opened when the lever or button (depending on the model) is pushed down. This cycle will continue until the shut-off arm installed at the front of the ice maker sends a signal that the ice cubes are stacked to its capacity.

Why Is My Euhomy Ice Maker Not Working?

There are several common reasons why an Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker properly, with some fixes simpler than others. It’s possible that the ice maker shut off arm is defective or has accidentally been turned off. A faulty ice maker thermostat could also cause ice production to stop, as the water valve won’t be released if the temperature isn’t in its proper range. A more complex issue could involve the ice maker motor that sets the cycle into motion.

Common reasons why your ice maker may not be working:

  • Insufficient water pressure from your home plumbing line
  • Overall freezer temperature is running too high to make ice
  • Water filter needs to be replaced
  • Frozen or clogged fill tubes (so water can’t flow into the ice trays)
  • Faulty ice maker thermostat
  • Faulty or clogged water valve
  • Faulty ice maker motor (so ice maker cycle can’t advance)

Where is the reset button on the Euhomy ice maker?

The reset button is usually located at the bottom of the Set Up Euhomy Ice Maker unit or in some cases at the top or on the bottom of the ice tray. Once located, press the button down for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound. Once reset, check if the problem has been solved.

To fix an Euhomy ice maker that is not making ice, start by checking the water supply and making sure that the unit is turned on. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to empty the unit and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally it takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes to reset an Euhomy ice maker.

Final Thoughts On How Do I Reset My Euhomy Ice Maker?

In conclusion, resetting your Euhomy ice maker is a pretty easy process. You just need to follow the steps that are laid out in this article and you should be able to do it without any issues. Just make sure that you disconnect the power before you start working on it and then reconnect it once you’re done.

Want to know how to reset an ice maker that is not manufactured by Euhomy? Look out for your desired brand in the chart below.

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