How Do I Reset My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker [At Home]

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Resetting your ice maker isn’t something you’ll typically have to do regularly. As a matter of fact, the main time you ought to at any point reset your ice maker is the point at which you’re not getting any ice, and, surprisingly, then, at that point, it’s the final hotel, after other troubleshooting steps which are bound to determine your issue. However, if you need to check if your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker, it accompanies a test button to really look at its function.

Samsung is one of the top brands for high-quality appliances in the industry. Similarly as with any refrigerator, the ice maker will require some refreshing every once in a while. We’ll let you know how to ice maker in light of your model with simple task by-step instructions.

Whether you have acquired a to fix a samsung refrigerator ice maker freezing up or strolled off of the showroom floor with your fantasy model, Samsung has turned into a commonly recognized name. Continuously allude to your proprietors manual for details and instructions while servicing your appliance.

Having issues with a fridge or ice maker is the last thing a mortgage holder needs. If your Samsung ice maker is giving you inconveniences, it might should be reset. Yet, how do you do that? We did the exploration to show you how to reset your Samsung ice maker in only a couple of simple advances.

It can be frustrating when your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker as expected. In any case, luckily, resetting it is a quite simple fix. In this article, we will explain in detail how to reset the ice maker, and we will likewise address other oftentimes posed inquiries about the Samsung ice maker, so continue to peruse!

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

However, even all that brands can have issues now and again, and your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker is no exception. If you find that your ice maker isn’t working as it ought to, you might have to reset it. Luckily, resetting your Samsung ice maker is a quite simple cycle. This section will show you how to do it in only a couple of simple advances.

Search underneath for instructions on how to reset Samsung refrigerator ice maker on both French Door and Base Mount models. A few normal motivations to reset the ice maker are:

  • Samsung fridge ice maker not dispensing ice
  • Samsung ice maker not filling with water
  • No or low ice production

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Reset

Possibly reset your ice maker if you are experiencing no ice production or curiously low ice production. Additionally, prior to performing a reset, ensure your ice maker isn’t switched off. If the ice maker was switched off, walk out on and wait 24 hours prior to determining if you still need to reset Samsung refrigerator ice maker.

There are Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker reset instructions for ice makers without a dispenser or having two ice makers 9Type 1), and warmed plate (Type 2).

Type 1 – For models without a dispenser on the door or with two ice makers:

Step #1 Find Ice Maker

Pull open the cooler and thoroughly search in the back left corner along the ceiling. Depending on your model, the ice maker may/might not have a cover on it. The ice maker seems as though a white box connected to the ceiling of the cooler.

Step #2 Find Reset Button

The reset button, likewise called the test switch, is past the cover on the facade of the ice maker, and under the engine housing. Press and hold the reset button (you’ll have to apply some tension here) until you hear the ice plate engine begin to force, then discharge.

Step #3 Wait 24 Hours

Wait an entire 24 hours to see the impacts when you Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker. Do not reset your ice maker at least a couple of times like clockwork!

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Type 2 – For models with a heated tray:

Step #1 Find Ice Pail

Open the left refrigerator door and find the ice pail in the upper left corner. Handle the lock discharge on the right side of the pail, press to delivery, and haul the container out.

Step #2 Locate Reset Button

The reset button is on the right side of the ice maker – it is a reasonable, rectangular, elastic button. Press and hold the reset button.

  • For 2010 models or more current: You will hear a chime when the reset begins.
  • For 2009 or more seasoned: Press and hold the reset button for an entire 10 seconds.
  • Reinsert the ice can totally.

Wait an entire 24 hours to see the impacts when you Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker. *Note: Do not reset your ice maker at least a few times like clockwork!

Final Thoughts

Typically, an ice maker reset will take care of most issues. However, if your ice maker is still not working in the wake of resetting it, you’ll have to investigate the issue to figure out what’s up. If you are still having difficulty, we suggest calling a professional. They will have the option to assist you with figuring out what’s up and fix the issue for you.

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