How To Fix Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice

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There are several potential causes for an Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice. These include low water pressure, a dirty or faulty water filter, high mineral deposits in the water, and frozen ice bucket. To troubleshoot, it’s important to first check the water filter, making sure it is not clogged or expired. If the water filter is dirty or expired, replace it with a new one. Next, check the water pressure, making sure it meets the recommended level for the ice maker. If the water pressure is too low, this can cause the ice maker to produce less or no ice.

Another issue that can cause the ice maker to not work properly is high mineral deposits in the water. These deposits can build up in the ice maker over time, affecting its ability to produce ice. To fix this, you can use a descaling solution to remove the mineral buildup.

If the ice bucket is frozen, this can cause the Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice. To fix this, you can try unplugging the refrigerator for a few minutes, and then plugging it back in. This can help to melt any ice that has built up in the ice bucket. If this does not work, you may need to call for service to fix the issue.

Samsung ice makers can also experience problems such as ice buildup, a defective water inlet valve, poor water pressure, an expired water filter, or a defective auger motor. These issues may require professional service to fix.

Lastly, refrigerant is a solution that keeps the fridge cool by circulating through components such as the compressor and condenser. In the compressor, the refrigerant is heated and pressurized. It then moves into the condenser where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid form. This cooled liquid refrigerant then flows through the evaporator where it absorbs heat from inside the fridge, keeping it cool. If there is a problem with the Hoshizaki Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker, it can affect the cooling of the fridge and the ice maker’s ability to produce ice.

5 Reasons Your Samsung Ice Maker Isn’t Working

1. Ice development or blockage

Perhaps of the most well-known motivation behind why a Samsung ice maker stops working is ice development or an ice blockage. Ice typically develops in either the ice maker plate or the distributor tube.

To determine the ice development issue the ice should be thawed out. Assuming that your model has an auto-thaw out capability, you can almost certainly utilize it to thaw out either the ice maker or the whole refrigerator if fundamental.

In the event that the ice maker plate or pail has frozen solid, contingent upon the seriousness of the ice development, you might have to thaw out the whole refrigerator, eliminate the ice maker parts to permit them to thaw out, or utilize a hairdryer to apply a low intensity to the impacted part.

To clear the blockage, apply low intensity preferably utilizing a steam weapon or steam-shot to create sufficient intensity to soften the blockage while not gambling any harm to the inside liner.

2. Deficient water channel valve

The second most normal reason for a broken ice maker is a deficient water bay valve. The water delta valve associates with the water supply line to give Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice. At the point when the ice maker requires water, the water delta valve will open.

Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Getting to the water bay valve will rely upon the kind of Samsung refrigerator that you have. Regularly, the refrigerator’s back access board on the rear of the refrigerator should be taken out to find the valve. You will likewise logical need to eliminate screws and push down tabs that safe the water channel valve to eliminate it from the refrigerator. Try to switch off the water supply to the refrigerator and detach the power prior to getting to the valve to supplant it.

You should apply capacity to the valve to test working condition, yet we possibly suggest this on the off chance that you have experience working around power, this ought to be finished by an expert professional.

3. Unfortunate water pressure

Samsung encourages that for the ice maker to work accurately, it requires water strain of 20 psi. Assuming the ice maker has been making little or broken ice blocks, it is a decent sign that the water pressure is too low.

To check the water pressure, it is useful to have a water pressure measure. However, the water strain can likewise be checked by seeing how much water comes out when the stock line is disengaged, or by making sure that you fill essentially ¾ of a cup with water while squeezing the water gadget button for ten seconds.

The water supply line associates with the water gulf valve at the back of the refrigerator. Prior to getting to the waterline, disengage the capacity to the refrigerator and mood killer the Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice. The water line can be held over a pail, and the water turned on. On the off chance that the water spills out, you realize you have an issue. However, in the event that there is major areas of strength for a, progression of water, the water pressure is logical not the issue. Test the water strain with a measure to all the more precisely decide whether the water pressure is something like 20 psi.

4. Terminated water channel

Assuming that your refrigerator has a water channel, Samsung suggests that it be supplanted at regular intervals. Assuming water or ice seems dinky, it is areas of strength for a that the water channel should be changed. In the event that the water channel is old, it can become obstructed and keep the ice maker from working appropriately.

Water channels are situated in better places contingent upon your refrigerator’s model. Whenever you have found the channel, it tends to be turned to eliminate and supplant it.

5. Bombed drill motor

The ice maker’s drill is answerable for blending and apportioning ice from the ice maker. Assuming the drill’s motor comes up short, the ice maker won’t work. On the off chance that the ice maker has been making a great deal of commotion and isn’t administering ice, it is reasonable on the grounds that the motor is fizzling or has fizzled.

Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Contingent upon the model, you ought to have the option to eliminate the icemaker container and turn the drill manually. In the event that you can turn the drill with restricted opposition, it ought to be tried with a multimeter for progression to decide whether it has fizzled. Eliminating the motor can be troublesome and is, in this manner, best left to a prepared professional.


On the off chance that the issues recorded above neglect to fix Samsung Ice Maker Not Making Ice, you will probably have to contact a prepared professional to additionally investigate the issue. However, you may likewise have the option to run a test or reset, which can give an impermanent answer for the issue. The test switch on a Samsung refrigerator ice maker is typically a little, blue, rectangular button situated on the front or side of the ice maker. Press the button, and afterward stand by 6 minutes to check whether it begins making ice.

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