How To Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker Machine

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KitchenAid markets a line of ice makers for use in kitchens and bars. The appliance freezes water in cube shapes and then dumps the cubes into a storage bin. The freezing process removes minerals from the water which are left behind and harden into scale.

This scale buildup can clog the water lines and reduce the efficiency of the Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker Machine. Cleaning the ice maker system with an approved cleaning solution removes the scale and keeps the appliance working as intended.

You know that you require plenty of ice throughout the day, so you buy a reliable and durable KitchenAid ice maker. It sits on the counter or underneath it to keep frozen water “flowing” all the time. However, if it has been a while since you started using it, euhomy ice maker cleaning instructions  is ideal to maintain it.

Plus, the appliance will feature a status light that tells you to clean the machine. When it goes from green to yellow, this indicates it’s about time to clean it. Once the color moves to red, it’s definitely time to perform such routine maintenance so that production and quality do not decrease.

What Is an Ice Maker?

There are two types of ice makers: one that is built into a freezer and one that is portable and sits on or underneath your countertop. Most families have one built into the freezer, but some models don’t offer this feature.

If that is the case, you can always purchase a portable ice maker. It can sit on your countertop and make enough ice for you and your family. Those who require more ice may find that cleaning Kitchenaid icemaker may be best because it produces more ice throughout the day.

Many times, small restaurants will use portable ice machines. Either they don’t have a stationary one, or they need extra ice. Regardless, residential and commercial ice makers are available for purchase from many retailers.

How to Clean with a Solution for KitchenAid Ice Makers

Step 1

Press “On/Off” to turn off the ice making operation. The “On/Off” light is not lit when the ice making operation is off.

Step 2

Wait ten minutes, then remove all the ice from the storage bin.

Step 3

Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker Machine

Open the storage bin. Grasp the drain cap on the bottom of the water pan, then turn it counterclockwise to unscrew it.

Step 4

Allow the water to completely drain, then put the drain cap back on. Screw the cap clockwise until it is fully seated.

Step 5

Pour one 16 oz. bottle of cleaning solution into the water pan. Fill the now empty bottle with tap water, then pour it into the water pan. Close the storage bin.

Step 6

Press “Clean.” The cleaning process takes about 70 minutes to complete.

Step 7

Open the storage bin when the cleaning process is complete. Remove the drain cap as in Step 3. Look for cleaning solution left in the water pan. Run the “Clean” cycle again if cleaning solution is present.

Step 8

Replace the drain cap as in Step 4.

Step 9

Press “On/Off” to turn on the ice making operation. The “On/Off” light is lit when the ice making operation is active.

Why Clean Your Ice Maker

You may be wondering why you need to Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker Machine. After all, it only runs water through it, right? While that may be true, water is not as pure as you may initially think.

It has a variety of minerals in it, which can cause limescale buildup in the machine. With time, the scale builds up too much that the water can’t easily pass through. You may notice that the ice tastes funny, or the machine seems to work harder or longer.

Most KitchenAid ice makers have a button to indicate when you should clean the machine. This is likely to turn on for the first time after nine months of use. However, you can choose to clean your appliance more often, especially if you notice a decrease in its efficiency.


Most homeowners find that they need ice throughout the day. You may host parties and events often, or you may just like ice-cold beverages. Regardless of your reason for using an ice maker, you need to maintain it correctly.

Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker Machine ensures that the components last a long time, and the ice you get tastes great. We’ve talked about how to clean all parts, ensuring that the entire system is clean and ready to go.

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