How To Clean iGloo Ice Maker Automatic Machine

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Ice makers make ice faster than refrigerator ice makers. The ice cubes are softer and more tasteful too! Though, to keep your Clean iGloo Ice Maker Automatic Machine the best ice possible, you must clean your ice maker often. Unless, of course, you have one of these self-cleaning ice makers.

If your Igloo ice maker isn’t working right, it may be because it needs a good cleaning. While this task isn’t difficult, it is important to follow the right steps to clean your machine properly. With just a little time and effort, you can have your Igloo ice maker working like new again.

Also, we have illustrated a guide on how to clean an Silonn Ice Makers Countertop Ice Machine. We will also provide some tips on troubleshooting and preventing common problems with Igloo ice makers.

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A viewing window allows you watch the ice being made, while the 1.25-pound ice basket ensures plenty of capacity for all of your beverage needs. The automatic five-cycle self-cleaning function makes clean up easy and allows clean ice to be made every time. The LED-lighted control panel lets you to choose from small or large ice cube sizes, while also letting you know when to add water and if the ice basket is full.

Igloo Ice Maker Cleaning Guide

Whether you have a portable ice maker or a Clean iGloo Ice Maker Automatic Machine, the steps to clean it are the same. Follow the instructions below:

  • To start, unplug your igloo ice maker from the electric supply.
  • If there is water in the reservoir, drain it.
  • Take out the ice bin and remove all other detachable parts.
  • Get a soft cloth, and add some lemon juice and vinegar to it.
  • Clean the internal parts of your igloo ice maker with the soft cloth.
  • Rinse the removable parts with warm water (add a bit of dishwashing liquid to the water).
  • Reassemble your igloo ice maker.
  • Add fresh water and some vinegar to the reservoir.
  • Run a few cycles.
  • Discard the water and vinegar.
  • Add fresh water (without vinegar) to the reservoir and run a few more cycles.
  • After 5 to 6 cycles, taste the ice. If there is a salty or unpleasant taste, change the water and run the cycles 4-5 times.
  • Be sure to discard all ice cubes after each cycle.
  • Do this until your ice taste as it usually would.

How To Clean Igloo Ice Maker

1. Unplug The Igloo Ice Maker

The first step is to unplug the machine from the power outlet. This is important for two reasons. First, you don’t want to be electrocuted while cleaning. Second, unplugging the machine will reset it and clear any error codes that may be displayed.

2. Remove The Ice Bucket And Dump Out All Of The Ice

Next, you will need to remove the hicozy ice maker automatic. Most buckets can be lifted straight up and out of the machine. Once the bucket is removed, dump all of the ice into a sink or garbage can.

If your machine has an external drainage hose, you can use this to drain the melted ice directly into a sink or other container.

3. Wipe Down The Inside Of The Machine With A Damp Cloth

Once the ice is removed, take a damp cloth and wipe down the inside of the machine. Be sure to get any melted ice that may have dripped down the sides.

4. Use A Toothbrush To Clean Around Any Crevices Or Corners

Use a toothbrush to get into any hard-to-reach areas. This will help remove any build-up that may have occurred in these areas.

5. Replace The Ice Bucket And Plug In The Machine

Once you have finished cleaning, replace the ice bucket and plug the machine back into the power outlet. Allow it to run through a complete cycle to ensure that all of the water has been drained and replaced with fresh, clean ice.

The Bottom Line

You now know how to Clean iGloo Ice Maker Automatic Machine. Easy! Right? A bit of water, vinegar, rinsing, and then you’re all set. Also, check out our igloo ice maker troubleshooting guide. There you’ll find out what to do when your Igloo Ice Maker is not working and steps on how to reset it. If you prefer a video guide, check out the video below!

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