How To Use Chewable Ice Maker Machine

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Chewable ice, also known as nugget ice or pebble ice, is a type of ice that is small, soft, and easy to chew. This type of ice is popular in restaurants, bars, and other commercial settings, as well as in healthcare facilities, as it is easy to consume and can be used in a variety of applications. Chewable ice can be used to make slushies, snow cones, and other frozen drinks, and it is also useful for keeping seafood and other perishables fresh.

Chewable Ice Maker Machines can come in different designs, sizes and production capacity, the most common are under-counter models which can be installed under a counter or in a cabinet, and freestanding models that can be placed on a counter or floor. They can also vary in their ice production rate, some can make up to 130 lbs of ice per day and others lower.

Most chewable ice maker use a specialized Amazon Considering an Online Grocery Chain to create the small, irregularly-shaped ice cubes. This can involve using a slow freezing process to create the small, irregular shapes, and then using a crushing mechanism to break the ice into smaller, chewable pieces. Some machines use water and ice in a container and agitate it to create the nugget ice, while others uses a refrigerant system and a moving auger to form the ice and crush it.

Overall, Chewable Ice Maker Machine is a perfect solution for places that require large quantities of chewable ice on a daily basis like bars, restaurants, or healthcare facilities. They are also useful for households who love to have chewable ice for their drinks or for their seafood storage.

What is chewable ice?

Chewable ice is made by a machine called an ice maker that uses a process called “flake ice” or “cubelet ice” to create small beads of ice. The process starts by freezing water in a thin layer on the surface of a drum or evaporator. As the water freezes, it forms small ice crystals, which are then scraped off the drum or evaporator by a series of rotating augers. The ice crystals are then compressed and shaped into small beads of ice, which are soft and chewable.

One of the benefits of chewable ice is that it has a softer texture than regular ice cubes, making it easier to chew and swallow. This is particularly useful for people who have difficulty swallowing or for those who are recovering from a surgical procedure. In addition, chewable ice is more effective at keeping drinks cold because it has a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which means that it can absorb more heat than regular ice cubes.

Another benefit of chewable ice is that it absorbs the flavors of the liquid it’s in, which can enhance the taste of the drink. This is particularly useful for soft drinks, slushies, and other flavored beverages. The chewable ice also makes the drink much more refreshing and enjoyable to consume.

Chewable ice is also popular in commercial settings such as restaurants and convenience stores because it is relatively low-maintenance and easy to produce. Many commercial ice machines are available that can produce chewable ice quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Chewable Ice Maker Machine

Chewable ice maker machines typically work by freezing water in an ice tray, then crushing the ice into small, chewable pieces using a built-in ice crusher.

Here are the general steps for using a chewable ice maker machine:

  • Fill the water reservoir with clean water.
  • Turn the machine on and wait for it to freeze the water into ice.
  • Once the ice is frozen, use the ice crusher function to crush the ice into small, chewable pieces.
  • Use the ice as desired, typically for drinks or other cold beverages.
  • If the machine have a self-cleaning feature you may use this, or else clean and maintain the machine as directed by the manufacturer.

Chewable Ice Maker Machine

Some specific machines may have additional features or slightly different instructions. It is important to consult the user manual for your specific machine for detailed information on operation and care.

How do they make chewable ice?

Nugget ice is made through a process called “flake ice”, it is made by freezing water under high pressure and then shaving it into small, soft, chewable ice nuggets. The process involves a refrigeration system that uses a compressor to cool a freezing cylinder. Inside the cylinder, a rotating auger compresses the ice and forces it through a small orifice, where it is shaved into the small, rounded shapes that make up nugget ice.

The ice nuggets are then stored in a bin, where they can be dispensed as needed. Nugget ice machines can be found in a variety of settings, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and even homes. They are popular in these setting because the ice is easy to chew, making it more comfortable to use with beverages, and it also has a larger surface area which cools drinks faster. Some machines can even make the ice with different flavors by adding a syrups during or after the freezing process.


  • Enjoy soft, yet crunchy nuggets at home with the Frigidaire Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker
  • Makes crunchy chewable nugget ice cubes
  • 10-15 minutes to first nugget of ice
  • Produces up to 44 lbs on ice in a day
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Digital LED control
  • Self-cleaning


  • Advanced Features: Low Water Indicator, Ice Full Indicator
  • Amount of Ice per 24 Hours: 10-19 kg
  • Amount of Ice per 24 Hours (kg): 20 kg
  • Appliance Finish: Black/Stainless Steel
  • Assembled Depth (ft): 1.35 ft
  • Assembled Depth (in): 16 1/8 in
  • Assembled Length (in): 18.98 in
  • Assembled Width (cm): 25.00 cm
  • Assembled Width (in): 9.842525 in
  • Assembled Width (mm): 250.00 mm
  • Package Depth (cm): 45.75 cm
  • Package Depth (in): 18.01 in
  • Package Height (cm): 53.50 cm
  • Package Height (in): 21.06 in
  • Package Weight (kg): 19.05 kg
  • Package Weight (lb): 42.00 lb
  • Package Width (cm): 30.50 cm
  • Package Width (in): 12.01 in
  • Product Model Number: EFIC235
  • Time to Produce Ice (min): 15 min
  • Water Capacity: 1-1.49 L
  • Water Reservoir Capacity (gal): 1.0 gal (US)
  • Water Reservoir Capacity (l): 3.7 l
  • Wattage: 200 W

Slow-melting nugget ice makes almost every drink better—enjoy it in cocktails, sodas, and more. The pellets soak up the flavor and float on top, making each sip and every crunch refreshing.

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