How To Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker

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Enjoying water and ice from your Sub-Zero refrigerator at the touch of a button is one of the high-end brand’s many amenities. But that doesn’t mean this convenience is maintenance-free. Changing your Sub-Zero water filter is essential to maintaining the quality of your drinking water and ice. We’ll review how to Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker for both the push-in and twist-in models.

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator is capable of so much that we can forget it still needs routine maintenance. One of those little tasks we often overlook is replacing the refrigerator’s water filter. We’ll review how to replace Sub-Zero water filter for both the push and twist models to make for easy refrigerator maintenance.

You probably already know that the water filter in your refrigerator needs to be replaced every so often. But do you know how to order a Sub-Zero refrigerator water filter and how to replace it?

We get it. Replacing the water filter is a simple enough task that it’s easily forgotten or postponed. Or maybe performing any maintenance on your Sub-Zero refrigerator feels intimidating. Our information and installation tips take the stress out of how to Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker. Most importantly, they remind us of how significant it is to have clean, filtered drinking water.

How Often To Change Your Water Filter

A Sub-Zero water filter works by screening out impurities, like certain chemicals and minerals, from your home’s water supply. The filter is able to separate these contaminants before they enter your drinking water or water used for ice production. However, over time, these particles build up on the mesh screen of the filter leaving it unable to strain any more out.

So, how long does a Sub-Zero water filter last? We recommend changing the filter every 6 months to ensure cleaner water and ice.

Signs You Need To Change The Filter

Despite this recommendation, you may need to change your filter more often if you notice certain changes in your drinking water and ice. Here are some signs to look out for that may indicate the need for a replacement:

  • Your refrigerator water tastes bad
  • Ice maker ice tastes bad
  • The dispenser’s water pressure appears to be decreasing

How To Replace Sub-Zero Push-In Water Filter

Knowing how to Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker involves knowing if your model refrigerator features a push-in or twist-in model. Refer to your owner’s manual to confirm your refrigerator’s filter and location. These steps detail how to change a push-in model filter:

Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker

  • Pull out the bottom edge of the grille on top of the refrigerator and tilt it upward
  • Remove the old filter by pushing it in then pulling it
  • Take off the plastic cap on the new filter
  • Position the filter’s cartridge so the locking tabs align with the filter compartment
  • Push in the cartridge until you hear it click in place
  • Pull slightly to make sure the filter is secure
  • Hold the filter reset button for 5 seconds to reset the filter monitor
  • Discard the first two containers of ice and 2 minutes worth of filtered water to clear the system

How To Replace Sub-Zero Twist-In Water Filter

A Sub-Zero twit-in filter is located either behind the grille or on top of the interior refrigerator door behind the water filter panel. Follow these steps for how to replace a Sub-Zero water filter that is a twist-in model:

  • Rotate the old filter counter-clockwise to remove
  • Remove the plastic cap from the new filter
  • Place the new filter in the filter compartment and rotate clockwise until the filter is secure
  • If your water filter sensor doesn’t automatically reset, hold down the reset button to the left of the filter for 5 seconds
  • Discard the first bucket of ice and the first several glasses of water after changing the filter

Knowing how to replace Sub-Zero water filter is easy enough to be part of regular refrigerator maintenance. If your filter change or another refrigerator malfunction results in the need for a Change Filter on Sub Zero Ice Maker, call Dave Smith Appliance Service. We can assist with all your high-end appliance needs!

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